Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) for 1 device per 1 month (TELTONIKA-RMS-1)

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Remote Management System

The Remote Management System (RMS) by Teltonika Networks allows you to be in control of your connected solution and consists of three main parts:

  1. RMS MANAGEMENT gives you full control over your fleet of Teltonika Networks routers & gateways, ensuring their security & availability.
  2. RMS CONNECT allows you to reach and control other smart devices remotely, even without Public IP.
  3. RMS API helps you to take what you need from RMS and implement it into the IoT platform of your choice.
Teltonika Remote Management System RMS
Teltonika Remote Management System RMS


If your Teltonika device is on RMS, it can be used to generate remote access links to equipment that is connected to a private router network thus granting remote access to other equipment, including devices that aren’t manufactured by Teltonika.


Teltonika has always been at the top when it comes to security solutions. Our dedicated RnD team is constantly working to ensure that our products meet highest industrial safety standards. RMS has received CIS v7 and OWASP II Certifications, ensuring that our centralized Cloud-based platform and all the data that is stored is exceptionally secure.


With RMS intuitive interface you can easily perform your network ecosystem diagnostics. Set up a custom report system that contains information on specific device parameters. All generated reports are stored in RMS servers and can be downloaded at any point in time for future analysis.