LG Digital Signage 86TR3E

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Embedded LG IDB App & webOS

Be Smarter and Simpler with LG IDB

IDB app makes it possible to write and collaborate on Interactive Digital Board(IDB) without the need for a PC or additional licenses for writing/collaboration solutions based on the webOS smart platform.

Outstanding Touch Performance

Intuitive Touch and Writing

The most advanced touch technology, InGlassâ„¢, enables precise touch responses and detailed writing like a realistic handwriting. The thickness of the pen is adapted to the writing speed, and max. 20 point multi-touch is supported. All notes on IDB are simply erased with user's palm.

Efficient Collaboration

All-in-One Meeting Experience

For the effective collaboration, LG IDB combines whole processes which includes sharing screens of participants' laptops via wired/wireless connection simultaneously, writing on the shared screen, and saving annotation.

UHD Resolution

The Superior Picture Quality

With the UHD resolution of LG IDB, users can view the content in fine detail even when zoomig in it on the display. It provides high-quality media experience with 4 times higher definition picture quality than FHD.

IPS Panel

True Colors and Wider View

The LG IPS panel has a wide viewing angle to deliver clear content regardless of the positions of meeting attendees. Moreover, each pixel of the IPS panel truly reproduces the image colors without distortion.

Auto Signal/Touch Switching

Quick and Easy to Share a Screen

The display can detect input/touch signals and automatically change the source if the new input has a higher priority than the previous source. It is a time-saving function for users to set-up the signals in conference

Assistive Touch Menu

Easy to Call and Control the Menu

For improving user-friendliness, LG IDB users can run the desired function or change the setting from anywhere by softly pressing the screen to call up the Touch Menu.


Enjoy Multi Screens

PBP/PIP enables two different content sources to be displayed in various layout settings including full screen, original ratio, and sub screen modes. This gives great flexibility to users to allocate space for each content source.